For Sale

Al Anderson has a US1M for sale. Sounds like a really nice boat.  1-18
I hope everyone had a great holiday - I know it's not quite sailing weather yet but for you folks that sail One Meters if you didn't get one for Christmas and want to leave those ODOMs in your wake this season -  I'm thinking of selling my Bob Sterne Venom, USOM # 1295. It's not a clone it's the real thing - Bob's Boat Yard hull # 75, clear coated Kelvar hull, Carbon fin, rudder, and "A" rig with Sterne sails, HS-7955TG sail servo, HS-81 micro rudder servo, and Spektrum MR3000 RX all mounted on a removable Carbon radio board, just bind to your TX and go. All up ready to race weight is 5 lb. 7 oz. She's really my favorite boat I just never get to sail her and there's no others down here to race - she's been sitting in the shop for the past two years so I'm selling her to fund other hobbies. She's still the one meter boat to beat and almost impossible to find in this condition. If anyone is interested before I list her on the internet $750 if I don't have to ship.  Al

Marc has 2 more stands ready for your Soling 1M boats If anyone needs an upgrade.