Race Results

Series Day #1

11th Annual Cherry Blossom and Region 3 Regatta.
Cherry Blossom S1M Regatta report

Series Day #2

RG65 NCR Results

8th Annual Cinco de Mayo RG65 and Region 3 Regatta. New Date July 27th

15th Annual Farmers Market Results
New date Sept 14th
Farmers Market Report

Series Day #7
Series Day #8
 Series Day #9
Report for Club Championship

Season final scores 2019.

10th Annual Pumpkin Regatta S1M

21th Annual Pumpkin Regatta Victoria

IOM MIRS Series Results
MIRS Day #4 scores
MIRS Day #5 scores
MIRS Day #6 scores

The Action !

Great photo By John L. at the Cherry Blossom Regatta. Thanks John.

Past years score
Craig Huzway,
Dec 12, 2016, 6:32 AM